Synkinematic(?) intrusion of the "anorogenic' 1425 Ma Beer Bottle Pass pluton, southern Nevada

Ernest M Duebendorfer, C. Christensen

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The tectonic setting of a transcontinental belt of 1500-1300 Ma granitic intrusions that extends from southern California to Labrador is controversial; however, the granites are conventionally considered to be "anorogenic.' Detailed field, microstructural, and geochronologic data from the 1425 Ma Beer Bottle Pass pluton, southern Nevada, indicate that major mylonite zones recording dextral-contractile strains were probably active during and/or shortly after pluton emplacement and suggest that the anorogenic interpretation for this pluton requires reevaluation. It is suggested that the Beer Bottle Pass pluton is fundamentally synkinematic with respect to either: 1) a local, contractile deformational event or, 2) regional strains produced by distant plate tectonic processes operative between 1500 and 1300 Ma as suggested by Nyman and Karlstrom (1994). -from Authors

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StatePublished - 1995
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