Sustainable ecological systems: implementing an ecological approach to land management, Flagstaff, AZ, July 1993

Wallace W Covington, L. F. Debano

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The conference was divided into a number of sessions and field trips. The four papers presented in the plenary session establish a philosophical and historical context for ecosystem management. The six other sessions consist of papers on the themes of: ecological consequences of land and water changes, as they affect riparian habitats and streamflow; the biology of rare and declining species and habitats, such as North American quail, spotted owl, amphibians, freshwater molluscs and forest insects; conservation biology and restoration ecology, including theoretical contributions on sustainability, social and political issues, and a Navajo view of nature, as well as case studies from ponderosa pine ecosystems; developing and applying ecological theory to ecosystem management and sustainability; sustainable ecosystem and forest health, especially the role of insects and diseases in forest health; and the human dimension, including aesthetics, in sustainable ecosystem management. Finally, 18 poster papers are published. -J.W.Cooper

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalGeneral Technical Report - US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Issue numberRM-247
StatePublished - Jan 1 1994
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