Space weathering of small Koronis family asteroids in the SDSS Moving Object Catalog

Cristina A. Thomas, David E Trilling, Andrew S. Rivkin

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Following the work of Rivkin et al. (Rivkin, A.S., Thomas, C.A., Trilling, D.E., Enga, M., Grier, J.A. [2011]. Icarus 211, 1294-1297) and Thomas et al. (Thomas, C.A., Rivkin, A.S, Trilling, D.E., Enga, M., Grier, J.A. [2011a]. Icarus 212, 158-166), we investigate space weathering trends in the Koronis family using the larger sample size of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Moving Object Catalog. We confirm the trend in spectral slope seen in our earlier work and extend our results by investigating the trend in band depth (. i-. z color index) to show that Koronis family asteroids smaller than 4. km show the transition from fresh Q-type to weathered S-type surfaces.

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StatePublished - May 2012



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