Occupational commitment, education, and experience as a predictor of intent to leave the nursing profession

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▶ Most studies of the workforce evaluating job satisfaction examine nurses' level of commitment to particular jobs or institutions rather than commitment to the profession of nursing. ▶ In this study, the Three- Component Model of Occupational Commitment explores perceptions of affective (attachment), normative (obligation), and continuance (penalty for leaving) commitment with respect to the profession of nursing. ▶ In all three aspects, affective, normative, or continuance, the higher the commitment the less likely nurses were intent to leave the profession. ▶ As age or years of experience increased, nurses' levels of commitment to the profession increased significantly. ▶ Similarly, as level of educa tion increased so did level of professional commitment. ▶ Gender demonstrated no correlation with organizational commitment.

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StatePublished - Mar 1 2006
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