Basin development and syntectonic sedimentation associated with kinematically coupled strike-slip and detachment faulting, southern Nevada

E. M. Duebendorfer, E. T. Wallin

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A previously unrecognized, 12-10 Ma clastic sequence is distributed widely south of the Las Vegas Valley shear zone and north of Lake Mead in southern Nevada. Structural and stratigraphic evidence from these sedimentary and associated volcanic rocks suggests that basin development was kinematically related to movement along the Las Vegas Valley shear zone. Major movement along the nearby Saddle Island detachment also occurred, within this time interval. It is suggested that spatially and temporally related basin development, sedimentation, and stratal tilting reflect kinematically coupled movement along a combined Las Vegas Valley shear-zone-Saddle Island detachment-fault system. -Authors

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1991


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