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Genetic variation in tree leaf chemistry predicts the abundance and activity of autotrophic soil microorganisms

Selmants, P. C., Schweitzer, J. A., Adair, K. L., Holeski, L. M., Lindroth, R. L., Hart, S. C. & Whitham, T. G., Aug 1 2019, In : Ecosphere. 10, 8, e02795.

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soil microorganism
soil microorganisms
genetic variation
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Genomic Analyses of Acute Flaccid Myelitis Cases among a Cluster in Arizona Provide Further Evidence of Enterovirus D68 Role

Bowers, J. R., Valentine, M., Harrison, V., Fofanov, V. Y., Gillece, J., Delisle, J., Patton, B., Schupp, J., Sheridan, K., Lemmer, D., Ostdiek, S., Bains, H. K., Heim, J., Sylvester, T., Prasai, S., Kretschmer, M., Fowle, N., Komatsu, K., Brady, S., Robinson, S. & 7 others, Fitzpatrick, K., Ostovar, G. A., Alsop, E., Hutchins, E., Jensen, K., Keim, P. S. & Engelthaler, D. M., Jan 22 2019, In : mBio. 10, 1

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Nervous System Diseases

Global Digital Citizenship: Providing Context

Armfield, S. W. & Blocher, J. M., Jul 15 2019, In : TechTrends. 63, 4, p. 470-476 7 p.

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Global drivers of methane oxidation and denitrifying gene distribution in drylands

Lafuente, A., Bowker, M. A., Delgado-Baquerizo, M., Durán, J., Singh, B. K. & Maestre, F. T., Jan 1 2019, In : Global Ecology and Biogeography.

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arid lands
community structure
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Glucose addition increases the magnitude and decreases the age of soil respired carbon in a long-term permafrost incubation study

Pegoraro, E., Mauritz, M., Bracho, R., Ebert, C., Dijkstra, P., Hungate, B. A., Konstantinidis, K. T., Luo, Y., Schädel, C., Tiedje, J. M., Zhou, J. & Schuur, E. A. G., Feb 1 2019, In : Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 129, p. 201-211 11 p.

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age of soil
soil carbon

Grain and extent considerations are integral for monitoring landscape-scale desired conditions in fire-adapted forests

Wasserman, T. N., Sanchez Meador, A. J. & Waltz, A. E. M., Jun 1 2019, In : Forests. 10, 6, 465.

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forest fire
forest canopy

Grazing and wildfire effects on small mammals inhabiting montane meadows

Horncastle, V. J., Chambers, C. L. & Dickson, B. G., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Wildlife Management.

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small mammal
small mammals

Green Gilded Oil: How Faux sustainability by US Oil companies is undermining neo-sustainability

Parafiniuk, A. & Smith, Z. A., Jan 1 2019, In : Sustainability (Switzerland). 11, 14, 3760.

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carbon footprint
Sustainable development

Guest editorial

Du, X., Hung, J. L. & Tu, C-H., May 20 2019, In : Information Discovery and Delivery. 47, 2, p. 65-66 2 p.

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Heritable phytohormone profiles of poplar genotypes vary in resistance to a galling aphid

Body, M. J. A., Zinkgraf, M. S., Whitham, T. G., Lin, C. H., Richardson, R. A., Appel, H. M. & Schultz, J. C., Jun 1 2019, In : Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 32, 6, p. 654-672 19 p.

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Plant Growth Regulators
plant hormones

Humans take control of fire-driven diversity changes in Mediterranean Iberia’s vegetation during the mid–late Holocene

Connor, S. E., Vannière, B., Colombaroli, D., Anderson, S. R., Carrión, J. S., Ejarque, A., Gil Romera, G., González-Sampériz, P., Hoefer, D., Morales-Molino, C., Revelles, J., Schneider, H., van der Knaap, W. O., van Leeuwen, J. F. N. & Woodbridge, J., Jan 1 2019, In : Holocene.

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Impact of a 6-Month Micronutrient-Dense Plant-Rich Nutrition Intervention on Health and Well-Being at the Worksite

Sutliffe, J. T., Gardner, J. C., Gorman, M. M., Carnot, M. J., Wetzel, W. S., Fortin, T., Sutliffe, C. A. & Adams, A., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism. 2019, 2609516.

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nutritional intervention
human resources
Waist Circumference

Implications of differing attitudes and experiences between providers and persons with obesity: results of the national ACTION study

on behalf of ACTION Steering Group, Jan 1 2019, In : Postgraduate Medicine.

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Health Personnel
Weights and Measures
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Implications of variable late Cenozoic surface uplift across the Peruvian central Andes

Sundell, K. E., Saylor, J. E., Lapen, T. J. & Horton, B. K., Dec 1 2019, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 1, 4877.

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Improved, scalable techniques to cultivate fire mosses for rehabilitation

Grover, H. S., Bowker, M. A. & Fule, P. Z., Jan 1 2019, In : Restoration Ecology.

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rehabilitation (people)
mosses and liverworts
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Improving field success of biocrust rehabilitation materials: hardening the organisms or softening the environment?

Bowker, M. A., Antoninka, A. J. & Chuckran, P. F., Jan 1 2019, In : Restoration Ecology.

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soil crusts
soil crust
rehabilitation (people)
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Increasing trends in high-severity fire in the southwestern USA from 1984 to 2015

Singleton, M. P., Thode, A. E., Sanchez Meador, A. J. & Iniguez, J. M., Feb 15 2019, In : Forest Ecology and Management. 433, p. 709-719 11 p.

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fire severity
fire regime
vegetation types

Insight into late iapetus tectonics from new U–Pb zircon and micropalaeontological data from the Navan area, Eastern Ireland

McConnell, B., Riggs, N. R. & Sevastopulo, G., May 1 2019, In : Journal of the Geological Society. 176, 3, p. 440-446 7 p.

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accretionary prism
Iapetus Ocean

Instability and convection in rotating porous media: A review

Vadasz, P., Aug 1 2019, In : Fluids. 4, 3, 147.

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Natural convection
free convection
Porous materials

Introduction: Transforming Borders from Below: Theory and Research from across the Globe

Segrave, M. & Wonders, N. A., May 1 2019, In : Theoretical Criminology. 23, 2, p. 133-135 3 p.

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Introduction to the special issue "climate of the past 2000 years: Regional and trans-regional syntheses"

Turney, C. S. M., McGregor, H. V., Francus, P., Abram, N., Evans, M. N., Goosse, H., Von Gunten, L., Kaufman, D. S., Linderholm, H., Loutre, M. F. & Neukom, R., Mar 29 2019, In : Climate of the Past. 15, 2, p. 611-615 5 p.

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global change
regional climate
global climate

Introduction to the special issue of Wind Engineering related to the 2017 NAWEA symposium

Acker, T. L., Feb 1 2019, In : Wind Engineering. 43, 1, 1 p.

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Community-Based Participatory Research

In vitro experimentation elucidates mechanisms of reported wound healing clinical outcomes using amnion-derived fluid and membrane products

Dominguez, D., Audet, R. G., Diller, R. B., Bardsley, T. & Kellar, R. S., Jan 1 2019, Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition 2019: The Pinnacle of Biomaterials Innovation and Excellence - Transactions of the 42nd Annual Meeting. Society for Biomaterials, 1 p. (Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium; vol. 40).

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Ambystoma mexicanum
Wound Healing

In Vitro Scratch Assay to Demonstrate Effects of Arsenic on Skin Cell Migration

Pinto, B. I., Cruz, N. D., Lujan, O. R., Propper, C. R. & Kellar, R. S., Feb 23 2019, In : Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 144

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Wound Healing
Cell Movement
Tissue culture

Is fire “for the birds”? How two rare species influence fire management across the US

Stephens, S. L., Kobziar, L. N., Collins, B. M., Davis, R., Fule, P. Z., Gaines, W., Ganey, J., Guldin, J. M., Hessburg, P. F., Hiers, K., Hoagland, S., Keane, J. J., Masters, R. E., McKellar, A. E., Montague, W., North, M. & Spies, T. A., Jan 1 2019, In : Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

fire management
rare species
endangered species
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Land carbon models underestimate the severity and duration of drought’s impact on plant productivity

Kolus, H. R., Huntzinger, D. N., Schwalm, C. R., Fisher, J. B., McKay, N., Fang, Y., Michalak, A. M., Schaefer, K., Wei, Y., Poulter, B., Mao, J., Parazoo, N. C. & Shi, X., Dec 1 2019, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 1, 2758.

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Carbon Sequestration
Employee health
Mental health
Physical health

Legacy effects of tree mortality mediated by ectomycorrhizal fungal communities

Mueller, R. C., Scudder, C. M., Whitham, T. G. & Gehring, C. A., Jan 1 2019, In : New Phytologist.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

fungal communities
tree mortality
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Astragalus sinicus
double cropping
nutrient use efficiency
cover crops

Life history traits predict colonization and extinction lags of desert plant species since the Last Glacial Maximum

Butterfield, B. J., Holmgren, C. A., Anderson, S. R. & Betancourt, J. L., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Ecology. e02817.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

life history trait
Last Glacial Maximum
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Special Education
Teaching Materials
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Long-term benefit of Microbiota Transfer Therapy on autism symptoms and gut microbiota

Kang, D. W., Adams, J. B., Coleman, D. M., Pollard, E. L., Maldonado, J., McDonough-Means, S., Caporaso, J. G. & Krajmalnik-Brown, R., Dec 1 2019, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 1, 5821.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Open Access
Autistic Disorder
Behavioral Symptoms

Long-term elevated CO2 shifts composition of soil microbial communities in a Californian annual grassland, reducing growth and N utilization potentials

Yang, S., Zheng, Q., Yuan, M., Shi, Z., Chiariello, N. R., Docherty, K. M., Dong, S., Field, C. B., Gu, Y., Gutknecht, J., Hungate, B. A., Le Roux, X., Ma, X., Niboyet, A., Yuan, T., Zhou, J. & Yang, Y., Feb 20 2019, In : Science of the Total Environment. 652, p. 1474-1481 8 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

microbial community
Ribosomal RNA
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climate change
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LSST: From Science Drivers to Reference Design and Anticipated Data Products

Ivezić, Ž., Kahn, S. M., Tyson, J. A., Abel, B., Acosta, E., Allsman, R., Alonso, D., Alsayyad, Y., Anderson, S. F., Andrew, J., Angel, J. R. P., Angeli, G. Z., Ansari, R., Antilogus, P., Araujo, C., Armstrong, R., Arndt, K. T., Astier, P., Aubourg, E., Auza, N. & 307 others, Axelrod, T. S., Bard, D. J., Barr, J. D., Barrau, A., Bartlett, J. G., Bauer, A. E., Bauman, B. J., Baumont, S., Bechtol, E., Bechtol, K., Becker, A. C., Becla, J., Beldica, C., Bellavia, S., Bianco, F. B., Biswas, R., Blanc, G., Blazek, J., Blandford, R. D., Bloom, J. S., Bogart, J., Bond, T. W., Booth, M. T., Borgland, A. W., Borne, K., Bosch, J. F., Boutigny, D., Brackett, C. A., Bradshaw, A., Brandt, W. N., Brown, M. E., Bullock, J. S., Burchat, P., Burke, D. L., Cagnoli, G., Calabrese, D., Callahan, S., Callen, A. L., Carlin, J. L., Carlson, E. L., Chandrasekharan, S., Charles-Emerson, G., Chesley, S., Cheu, E. C., Chiang, H. F., Chiang, J., Chirino, C., Chow, D., Ciardi, D. R., Claver, C. F., Cohen-Tanugi, J., Cockrum, J. J., Coles, R., Connolly, A. J., Cook, K. H., Cooray, A., Covey, K. R., Cribbs, C., Cui, W., Cutri, R., Daly, P. N., Daniel, S. F., Daruich, F., Daubard, G., Daues, G., Dawson, W., Delgado, F., Dellapenna, A., Peyster, R. D., Val-Borro, M. D., Digel, S. W., Doherty, P., Dubois, R., Dubois-Felsmann, G. P., Durech, J., Economou, F., Eifler, T., Eracleous, M., Emmons, B. L., Neto, A. F., Ferguson, H., Figueroa, E., Fisher-Levine, M., Focke, W., Foss, M. D., Frank, J., Freemon, M. D., Gangler, E., Gawiser, E., Geary, J. C., Gee, P., Geha, M., Gessner, C. J. B., Gibson, R. R., Gilmore, D. K., Glanzman, T., Glick, W., Goldina, T., Goldstein, D. A., Goodenow, I., Graham, M. L., Gressler, W. J., Gris, P., Guy, L. P., Guyonnet, A., Haller, G., Harris, R., Hascall, P. A., Haupt, J., Hernandez, F., Herrmann, S., Hileman, E., Hoblitt, J., Hodgson, J. A., Hogan, C., Howard, J. D., Huang, D., Huffer, M. E., Ingraham, P., Innes, W. R., Jacoby, S. H., Jain, B., Jammes, F., Jee, M. J., Jenness, T., Jernigan, G., Jevremović, D., Johns, K., Johnson, A. S., Johnson, M. W. G., Jones, R. L., Juramy-Gilles, C., Jurić, M., Kalirai, J. S., Kallivayalil, N. J., Kalmbach, B., Kantor, J. P., Karst, P., Kasliwal, M. M., Kelly, H., Kessler, R., Kinnison, V., Kirkby, D., Knox, L., Kotov, I. V., Krabbendam, V. L., Krughoff, K. S., Kubánek, P., Kuczewski, J., Kulkarni, S., Ku, J., Kurita, N. R., Lage, C. S., Lambert, R., Lange, T., Langton, J. B., Guillou, L. L., Levine, D., Liang, M., Lim, K. T., Lintott, C. J., Long, K. E., Lopez, M., Lotz, P. J., Lupton, R. H., Lust, N. B., Macarthur, L. A., Mahabal, A., Mandelbaum, R., Markiewicz, T. W., Marsh, D. S., Marshall, P. J., Marshall, S., May, M., McKercher, R., McQueen, M., Meyers, J., Migliore, M., Miller, M., Mills, D. J., Miraval, C., Moeyens, J., Moolekamp, F. E., Monet, D. G., Moniez, M., Monkewitz, S., Montgomery, C., Morrison, C. B., Mueller, F., Muller, G. P., Arancibia, F. M., Neill, D. R., Newbry, S. P., Nief, J. Y., Nomerotski, A., Nordby, M., O'Connor, P., Oliver, J., Olivier, S. S., Olsen, K., O'Mullane, W., Ortiz, S., Osier, S., Owen, R. E., Pain, R., Palecek, P. E., Parejko, J. K., Parsons, J. B., Pease, N. M., Peterson, J. M., Peterson, J. R., Petravick, D. L., Petrick, M. E. L., Petry, C. E., Pierfederici, F., Pietrowicz, S., Pike, R., Pinto, P. A., Plante, R., Plate, S., Plutchak, J. P., Price, P. A., Prouza, M., Radeka, V., Rajagopal, J., Rasmussen, A. P., Regnault, N., Reil, K. A., Reiss, D. J., Reuter, M. A., Ridgway, S. T., Riot, V. J., Ritz, S., Robinson, S., Roby, W., Roodman, A., Rosing, W., Roucelle, C., Rumore, M. R., Russo, S., Saha, A., Sassolas, B., Schalk, T. L., Schellart, P., Schindler, R. H., Schmidt, S., Schneider, D. P., Schneider, M. D., Schoening, W., Schumacher, G., Schwamb, M. E., Sebag, J., Selvy, B., Sembroski, G. H., Seppala, L. G., Serio, A., Serrano, E., Shaw, R. A., Shipsey, I., Sick, J., Silvestri, N., Slater, C. T., Smith, J. A., Smith, R. C., Sobhani, S., Soldahl, C., Storrie-Lombardi, L., Stover, E., Strauss, M. A., Street, R. A., Stubbs, C. W., Sullivan, I. S., Sweeney, D., Swinbank, J. D., Szalay, A., Takacs, P., Tether, S. A., Thaler, J. J., Thayer, J. G., Thomas, S., Thornton, A. J., Thukral, V., Tice, J., Trilling, D. E., Turri, M., Berg, R. V., Berk, D. V., Vetter, K., Virieux, F., Vucina, T., Wahl, W., Walkowicz, L., Walsh, B., Walter, C. W., Wang, D. L., Wang, S. Y., Warner, M., Wiecha, O., Willman, B., Winters, S. E., Wittman, D., Wolff, S. C., Wood-Vasey, W. M., Wu, X., Xin, B., Yoachim, P. & Zhan, H., Mar 10 2019, In : Astrophysical Journal. 873, 2, 111.

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data products
survey design
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Managing for disturbance stabilizes forest carbon

Hurteau, M. D., North, M. P., Koch, G. W. & Hungate, B. A., Jan 1 2019, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 116, 21, p. 10193-10195 3 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalComment/debate

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Mechanisms of a coniferous woodland persistence under drought and heat

McDowell, N. G., Grossiord, C., Adams, H. D., Pinzón-Navarro, S., Mackay, D. S., Breshears, D. D., Allen, C. D., Borrego, I., Dickman, L. T., Collins, A., Gaylord, M. L., McBranch, N., Pockman, W. T., Vilagrosa, A., Aukema, B., Goodsman, D. & Xu, C., Apr 16 2019, In : Environmental Research Letters. 14, 4, 045014.

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Hot Temperature

Mechanisms Underlying Corporations as Determinants of Health

Wiist, W. H., Feb 1 2019, In : American Journal of Public Health. 109, 2, p. e1

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Microbial Taxon-Specific Isotope Incorporation with DNA Quantitative Stable Isotope Probing

Finley, B. K., Hayer, M., Mau, R. L., Purcell, A. M., Koch, B. J., van Gestel, N. C., Schwartz, E. & Hungate, B. A., Jan 1 2019, Methods in Molecular Biology. Humana Press Inc., p. 137-149 13 p. (Methods in Molecular Biology; vol. 2046).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapter

Nucleic Acids
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Mid-latitude net precipitation decreased with Arctic warming during the Holocene

Routson, C. C., McKay, N. P., Kaufman, D. S., Erb, M. P., Goosse, H., Shuman, B. N., Rodysill, J. R. & Ault, T., Jan 1 2019, In : Nature.

Research output: Contribution to journalLetter

temperature gradient
jet stream

Millennial-Scale Age Offsets Within Fossil Assemblages: Result of Bioturbation Below the Taphonomic Active Zone and Out-of-Phase Production

Tomašových, A., Kidwell, S. M., Alexander, C. R. & Kaufman, D. S., Jun 1 2019, In : Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology. 34, 6, p. 954-977 24 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

fossil assemblage
mixed layer
surface layer

Millennial-scale carbon accumulation and molecular transformation in a permafrost core from Interior Alaska

Hutchings, J. A., Bianchi, T. S., Kaufman, D. S., Kholodov, A. L., Vaughn, D. R. & Schuur, E. A. G., May 15 2019, In : Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 253, p. 231-248 18 p.

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Organic carbon
organic carbon
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Modeling cell line-specific recruitment of signaling proteins to the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor

Erickson, K. E., Rukhlenko, O. S., Shahinuzzaman, M., Slavkova, K. P., Lin, Y. T., Suderman, R., Stites, E. C., Anghel, M., Posner, R. G., Barua, D., Kholodenko, B. N. & Hlavacek, W. S., Jan 1 2019, In : PLoS Computational Biology. 15, 1, p. e1006706

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Somatomedin Receptors
Growth Factors

Modeling cocaine traffickers and counterdrug interdiction forces as a complex adaptive system

Magliocca, N. R., McSweeney, K., Sesnie, S. E., Tellman, E., Devine, J. A., Nielsen, E., Pearson, Z. & Wrathall, D. J., Apr 16 2019, In : Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 116, 16, p. 7784-7792 9 p.

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Security Measures
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Central America
Information Storage and Retrieval

Morphological and physiological traits in relation to carbon balance in a diverse clade of dryland mosses

Coe, K. K., Howard, N. B., Slate, M. L., Bowker, M. A., Mishler, B. D., Butler, R., Greenwood, J. & Stark, L. R., Jan 1 2019, In : Plant Cell and Environment.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

arid lands
mosses and liverworts
Ribosomal DNA
stable isotopes
stable isotope
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Multiyear monitoring of survival following mitigation-driven translocation of a long-lived threatened reptile

Dickson, B. G., Scherer, R. D., Kissel, A. M., Wallace, B. P., Langin, K. M., Gray, M. E., Scheib, A. F. & Weise, B., Jan 1 2019, In : Conservation Biology.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


Near-Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 observing campaign: Results from a global planetary defense exercise

Reddy, V., Kelley, M. S., Farnocchia, D., Ryan, W. H., Thomas, C. A., Benner, L. A. M., Dotson, J., Micheli, M., Brucker, M. J., Bus, S. J., Brozovic, M., Wheeler, L., Abbasi, V., Bauer, J. M., Bonsall, A., Brown, Z. L., Busch, M. W., Chodas, P., Choi, Y. J., Erasmus, N. & 49 others, Fast, K. E., Faucher, J. P., Fernandes, R. B., Ghigo, F. D., Gilbank, D. G., Giorgini, J. D., Gustafsson, A., Hainaut, O., Harris, W. M., Jao, J. S., Johnson, L. S., Kareta, T., Kim, M. J., Koschny, D., Kramer, E. A., Landis, R. R., Laurin, D. G., Larsen, J. A., Lee, C. G., Lejoly, C., Lister, T., McMillan, R., Masiero, J. R., Mathias, D., Mommert, M., Moon, H. K., Moskovitz, N. A., Naidu, S. P., Nallapu, R. T., Niazi, H. K., Noonan, J. W., Polishook, D., Ryan, E. V., Schatz, L., Scotti, J. V., Sharkey, B., Shustov, B. M., Sickafoose, A. A., Silva, M. A., Slade, M. A., Slick, L. R., Snedeker, L. G., Springmann, A., Tholen, D., Trilling, D. E., Vodniza, A. Q., Wainscoat, R., Weryk, R. & Yoshikawa, M., Jul 1 2019, In : Icarus. 326, p. 133-150 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

physical exercise
near Earth objects